Monday, 18 July 2011

Oh hi there.


Sorry I haven't updated lately. I was on a boat in Italy, which would have been lovely had I not been so sea sick. Apparently, I get sea sick easily. I had no idea. I never used to as a kid, and I've spent ridiculous amounts of time on boats.

Anyhow, I have started playing the bass guitarr. Which is incredibly fun, and brings back these weird ghosts of memories from when I was young and played the violin(I did so for 6 years). I'm learing pretty quickly... Might have something to do with old violin- and general music-knowledge hiding in the back of my brain somewhere.


  1. Oh, good luck with playing the bass, I'm sure it's so much fun! I started playing the violin by the end of 2010 and it was probably the best decision I've ever made. It really fills me with happiness!


  2. Thank you! And good luck to you too!
    Playing intruments is really fantastic... not sure why I ever stopped.