Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tokyo Expo - I didn't do a lot , but the pictures are pretty

My outfit, hehe. I like wearing autumn dresses when it's still summer.

Elli and Emilia are cosplaying Little Twin Stars, in case anyone is wondering.

So, I went to Tokyo Expo, looked at things, met some people, took a lot of pictures. I really didn't do a lot there, and I'm sort of tired with the whole people-obsessed-with-japanese-pop-culture thing and the lolita subculture too, so I'm not sure why I went, haha. I guess 'cause I'm aquainted with a lot of people there?

However, these days I'd rather just wear whatever I wear, japanese or not, and be left the hell alone. Same way I've always felt about music. I like what I like and I don't feel that I need to belong to any subculture because of it. Organised stuff and closely knit cliques tend to freak me out anyhow.

(I would like to point out, again, that I don't mind labels. I just don't want to be friends with everyone who happens to fit the same labels as me, just because of the label. My friendships run deeper that that. Still have an upcoming post on labels lying around, haha. :3 )


But the pictures turned out lovely. And the awesome people are awesome.

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