Monday, 21 February 2011

Pictures with bats and Angelic Pretty

I should be working on an assignment for school, but I'm procrastinating as always. So, instead I'm uploading some pictures from last week.

Unecessary bats <3

An outfit I wore when hanging out with Sigrid, Hanna and Elli.

Better, non-photoshoped picture.


  1. Dear lord, how many cans of hairspray do you need to keep your hair sitting in that style >.>

  2. Actually not that many ^^ No, seriously, I use very little, but extremely strong hairspray. Once you've sprayed, it pretty much won't move. It's like glue or something.

  3. Any brand suggestions?
    You should post some hair tutorials ^^ Or just front/side/back shots. You're so versatile.
    I can't even make a decent ponytail without getting bumps in the base .___.; Yea, hair is not my ish.

  4. I use a brand called OSIS. ^^

    That's a good idea, actually. I'll do one next time I make some fancy hairstyle.

  5. Where do you get your amazing clothes???

  6. Hehe, these I've gotten from Angelic Pretty, Vivienne Westwood, Monki and some random second hand store on Iceland I belive. x3