Monday, 2 May 2011

An ordinary monday-outfit

Oh, look, a casual outfit.

Yay, winklepickers!

Some friends got really confused this weekend when they saw me in all black gothic lolita with a Louise Black skeleton-corset and with this wig. Said it wasn't like me at all. Hrrmm, I have the feeling more of my "lolita friends" (isn't that a silly expression?) need to see me out of lolita. Since half the time I look like... this. So it's totally like me. I pretty much only wear color in sweet/classic lolita or fairy kei. Possible little hints of color in vintage-y outfits. Otherwise it's 90% black and 10% white. And lots of sort of peculiar stuff. Like my anatomically correct heart earrings. And lots of ugly-pretty clothes. You know, ugly-pretty. When something is ugly and pretty at the same time, or possibly so ugly it's pretty. "Fulsnygg" in swedish. One of my favourite phenomenas.

My style shifts all the time. But for some reason I mostly wear lolita when around other lolitas. I'm not sure why.

By the way...
I really don't understand why so many people in the lolita subculture hate wigs these days... Wigs are awesome, especially if you don't feel like styling your hair or you're having a bad hair-day. Or if you're simply a shape-shifter born in the wrong body.
Just find one that actually suits you. And cut the fringe to suit your face. There, done.
I always wear wigs when I have bad hair-days. Bad hair-days are really quite noticable when you have 75 cm long, very red hair.


  1. Wow, I love your outfit and your look! That wig looks amazing on you!

  2. Wow really looks gorgeous in magenta wig.

  3. Love the winklepickers! Do you still wear them?