Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Day 2 – Share photos and experiences from your Baby Bat days

Err, okay. I never had baby bat days the way most people think of them. My first year of being into goth, I really only cared about the music. So I would spend most of my time listening to it or reading about the bands, when I wasn't reading books or hanging out with the few friends I had at the time(I was super shy, and also had a severe case of social phobia). I never really got around to trying to join the "scene", dress uglily or act like a dork. Possibly because I was so shy. I did in fact not dress like a goth at all untill I was 15, so any pictures from my "baby bat" days will be me being blond and wearing something all blue or something black and white and having smokey brown eyeshadow. Just like before I took any interest in goth. Boring as hell, but at least I was never downright ugly. Around the middle of my 15th year of life I magically morphed into a bit of a Siouxsie clone. Then, after a few months, I got my own style. I'd wear typically trad goth stuff mixed upp with huge necklaces and bustiers and corsets. (I've always been secretly fond of dark cabaret, and it'd shine through I guess.)

What did I do as a "baby bat"? I don't really know. My early teens were the worst part of my life, for big and serious reasons, and my brain tries to censor those years a bit. I didn't really do goth stuff because I was too busy having a horrible life. Things got better though, obviously, much better, but I really cannot mention my early teens without also mentioning that it was hell on earth.

Music and literature were the few highlights of that time. And also the few friends I had. I only knew one girl who also liked goth music (I was aquainted with another one, but we really weren't close). It wasn't her favourite genre or anything, but we both really liked the Banshees and The Cure and The Virgin Prunes at the time, and developed a silly crush on the band The Glove(which has members from both Banshees and Cure, as I'm sure most people bothering to read this know). We'd sing and play their music really loud, and constantly nag about what an underrated song the Banshees' "Sin in my heart" was. We'd also stay up in the middle of the night and watch Monty Python, or go into town and eat ice cream and brownies. We're still friends today, she's a great girl.

Yeah. That's what I did at the time.

Oh, and look at the pretty pictures. Not sure that I actually am 14 on all of them, I might be 15, but this is pretty much what I looked like at the time.

Yeah, I actually looked like this. My favourite bands were Siouxsie and the Banshees, Virgin Prunes, Joy Division, The Cure, 45 Grave, Cinema Strange and Alien Sex Fiend and I looked like this. Makes no sense. I guess I tried to blend in with the other kids a bit? It didn't work.

Oh, my god. This has turned into "the story of my childhood". Ugh. Hopefully the next questions will result in slightly less childhood-related things.

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