Sunday, 2 October 2011

On not writing outfit rundowns

There is a reason why I don't write outfit rundowns in my blog posts. I don't want my outfit posts to be shopping lists. I want them to function merely as inspiration. I want them to give people new ideas, not a tip about where to buy that new blouse or dress.

I often see people buy exactly the same things as people they follow on the internet. I try not to do it myself, but it's quite irresistable. "That dress looks so good on her, so it'd probably look good on me too", blah blah, so on. And when you know exactly where to get it, why not?

But that's awfully uncreative. And I don't really want that.

Also, I often forget where I buy things, or buy them second hand, so outfit rundowns of mine rarely make sense.

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