Thursday, 13 October 2011

Tavelklänningar/Dresses with painting prints

Jag älskar tavelklänningar. Det är lite som om en naken brud sprang in på ett museum, hittade en tavla att skyla sig med och ba kom på: "Men guuuu va snyggt, den här kan jag ha som balklänning!".

I love dresses with painting prints. They sort of feel like as if some naked chick ran into a museum, found a painting to cover up with, and then goes "OMG so pretty, I can use this as an evening dress!" (This sounds a lot more fun in Swedish for some reason.)

Anyhow, that's why I'm going to buy one. Or several.

All pictures are from Juliette et Justine.


  1. Those Juliette et Justine designs are so beautiful, I would really want one of those someday ♥

  2. They really are! Pity they are so hard to get ahold of, most of them.